About Us

What makes us special?

We believe that Sitejive is unique because we have a passion for simple, creative, and honest solutions to high-tech problems.  Sitejive was founded by a couple of Internet consultants and entrepreneurs who got tired of hearing about and dealing with the many confusing, ugly, and sometimes flat out dishonest web hosting services currently being offered.  So after years of examining the hosting universe, we decided do to build a new web hosting company from the ground-up, with one simple question in mind:

“Would we host with this company?”. We have built Sitejive to allow people to focus on creativity, innovation, and dreams; not technology. We want to be empowered and inspired, not hog-tied and frustrated. So would we be our own customer? Absolutely! Here’s why…


We bring an old fashioned ethic of honesty and value to a new technology world, which unfortunately is too often full of misleading offers, term contracts, and hidden fees and we don’t believe in that jive! Learn more.


Sitejive may be a new kid on the web hosting block, but the people behind Sitejive have been around since the early days.  Sitejive is the culmination of years of experience and tireless effort, working to create a truly outstanding experience for everyone. Learn more.


We believe your web site should be your shining star.  When it performs well, you perform well. Your web site’s performance will either get your audience moving or leave them standing in the corner. We are dedicated to ensuring you are always quick on your feet and able to out perform the competition in style. Learn more.