Our Experience

Who’s behind Sitejive?

As you look over our web site you might be thinking to yourself:  “Ok, this looks pretty good, but I have no information on the abilities, experience or even name of who I might be doing business with. Since web sites are critical to modern life, not knowing who I’m doing business with is a concern.”

If that is what your thinking, we completely understand, and would feel the same in your shoes. So hopefully we can eliminate your concerns by answering some common questions and give you our background.

Q: Who runs Sitejive?

A: Sitejive was founded by Cory Hutton who started doing consulting work in 1999 and co-founded Apvio, Inc. in 2000.  Apvio has been offering web hosting, co-location, internet bandwidth, and web development services for nearly ten years.  You can visit Apvio’s website at: http://apvio.net/ for more information. Sitejive is a new service started by Apvio in early 2009.

Q: If you already do web hosting why did you start Sitejive?

A: Sitejive is our answer to the ever changing hosting market, it that allows us to try new technologies, and is something that makes us unique. With Sitejive we wanted to create a niche that would excite more entrepreneurial individuals, with big ideas or passions, people like the people behind Sitejive.

Our Founder

Sitejive was founded a very passionate Internet guy, who have always strived to be the best in what we do.  We have a tremendous amount of experience in building, deploying, and managing internet services and websites.

Cory J. Hutton

Cory brings creativity, passion, and over 20 years of experience to our team.  Cory has extensive expertise in Internet marketing, information architecture, and business development. As a kid Cory worked (and played) with computer’s, and has always had a passion for what technology can do for us, and creating new tools to make life easier.

Professionally, Cory has worked as a technician and consultant for several academic computer networks when he was in school. After school he lent his expertise as the Technology Manager for a global non-profit in New York City for a year. While Technology Manager he oversaw the installation and deployment of a new computer network, and developed Internet services that allowed information exchange with worldwide partners. After 2 years as an independent Internet and technology consultant, Cory co-founded Apvio in 1999.

Personally, Cory has a passion for history, science, music, and the great out-doors.  He spends a lot of his off time immersed in vintage jazz music and discovering the joys of Lindy Hop.