Our Performance

Built to Perform, Built to Last

Our network is designed to provide world-class performance and reliability. Sitejive’s services are designed to grow as your needs grow and to always be there when you want it, and we offer a 99.95% uptime guarantee to back it up.

We never oversell our services, so there will always be plenty of bandwidth, storage, and server resources available to keep your site running at full speed.  Most hosting providers oversell their services, particularly the ones that offer unlimited resources, and overselling leads to overuse of resources and sluggish performance.

Mission-Critical Infrastructure

Sitejive lives in one of the world’s premiere Internet communications facilities, The Westin Building located in downtown Seattle, WA USA, The Westin Building is home to a very large array of internet service providers, web hosting companies,  internet content providers, and large online businesses that require state-of-the-art high-speed network communications facilities built to meet their demanding service requirements.

The Westin Building provides a world-class environment for mission-critical infrastructure and operations. Multiple layers of reliability consisting of 2N redundant industrial capacity power distribution systems, uninterruptible battery and backup generator power, and structural engineering to withstand natural disasters.

High-performance, High-availability Internet Backbone

The Westin Building provides connectivity to virtually every major network provider in North America and Asia, plus many more regional and local providers. Tenants can choose from hundreds of bandwidth providers with terabits of capacity.  We have carefully selected several of these providers to make up our Internet backbone.

Which includes:

  • Redundant network paths using BGP routing.
  • Diverse transit providers
  • On site diesel generators backing-up local power utilities
  • Redundant uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems to groom any spikes/drops and transfers to generator
  • Our network is directly connected to over 30 diverse networks to provide the fastest route to many popular destinations. Our peers include:
    • Local, national, and international internet providers.
    • Major content providers and distributors (e.g. Google, MSN / Hotmail, Akamai)
    • Major corporations and institutions (e.g. Microsoft)

Secure Environment

To ensure our equipment and your sites are safe, all access the our network and equipment is carefully controlled. The building has 24×7 staffed checkpoints, keycard access is required to all secured areas of the building, and all activity in and out of the building is recorded. Continuous video recording of all entrances, corridors, and data facilities is provided by closed-circuit cameras.