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Go all out

50 GB storage
100 GB bandwidth
200 domains
200 databases
250 email boxes
300 ftp accounts



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15 GB storage
50 GB bandwidth
50 domains
50 databases
100 email boxes
150 ftp accounts



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2 GB storage
10 GB bandwidth
10 domains
10 databases
25 email boxes
10 ftp accounts

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All hosting plans include the following features

Ruby on Rails

Easily deploy  Ruby on Rails applications, using Phusion Passenger, Capistrano, and GiT/SVN (client only) over SSH. You will also find a pretty comprehensive set of gems  pre-installed on our shared servers.

Easily Install Popular Web Apps

With Sitejive's Installatron support, you can easily install popular web applications in seconds with no technical knowledge what-so-ever.  From the Sitejive Hosting Control Panel you can setup a Wordpress blog, power your site with Joomla, create a phpBB forum, build a online store with osCommerce, and much more.

E-Mail Management

Access your email via IMAP, POP, SMTP, and Webmail.  Stay on top of your email with mailing lists, forwards, and auto-responders. Tame your inbox with powerful spam filtering and anti-virus protection.  Reliably send email anywhere with industry standard alternative SMTP ports 25, 467, 587 (to bypass ISP and hotel filters).

Web Management

Setup up multiple domains per account. All accounts support domain pointers, redirects, and sub-domains. Access your domains with "www." and "non www." host addresses.

Web Server Technologies

Scripting languages supported: PHP, Perl, Python, and Ruby on Rails. Graphics processing libraries supported: GD and ImageMagick. Server modules supported:  mod_rewrite, mod_passenger. File formats supported: HTML, XHTML, XML, MPEG, FLV (Flash), MOV (Quicktime), AVI, PDF (Acrobat).

Hosting Infrastructure

Servers hosted in a world-class data-center, with 24/7 security, redundant power systems, UPS fail-overs, and onsite backup power generators.  Redundant multi-homed, high speed burstable internet backbone connections.  All network equipment and servers are monitored remotely 24/7.  All data is stored on redundant RAID storage arrays.